Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our Week in Pictures

Sunday, August 15
We love having Nana and Papa stay at our house!

Monday, August 16
Luke is so happy to have his best buddy, Zach, home after 7 weeks apart.

Tuesday, August 17
Zachary is always 'working' using any scraps he can find.

Wednesday, August 18
Luke's first day of school.

Thursday, August 18
Zachary called me into his room and I was looking in his closet, on his bed.....I couldn't find him anywhere!

Friday, August 19
We were in a hurry this morning so I asked Zachary to get Luke dressed. This is what the two of them came up with. Being my third child, I thought it would be just fine for Luke to wear this outfit to school.

Saturday, August 20
Grandma and Grandpa are here to visit! We spent the morning at The Farmers' Market and the park.

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Cindy M said...

What fun , to look at your life a week at a time. The one where Zach dressed Lukie is hysterical!!!! Now that's a well rounded Mama, to accept the help and outfit:)