Sunday, February 8, 2009

Down....but not out!

Somehow, I managed to hurt my back. It has been about a week now. The pain started in my right wrist, moved up my arm to my neck, down my back and has decided to make its home under my right shoulder blade.

My friend, who is a Physical Therapist, had a look at it four days ago. I happened to be at his house because his wife and I were hosting a dessert for the MOPS leadership at our church. I weaseled my way into a personal training session before I left their house.

The problem with Physical Therapists is that they don't give a lot of sympathy. But they do like to give homework.

I am supposed to ice my back a few times a day. I am also supposed to lay on a rolled up towel (because a don't have a 'ball') and do a few stretching exercises throughout the day. I was excited to hear that I should not exercise in a way that would strain my back.....but then he told me that working out on the treadmill was fine. Bummer!

He thinks I have a Damaged Nerve Root. Of course, I Googled this.....and I must say, this diagnosis sounds right on.

Every time I lay on the floor to do my "homework," Luke thinks it is time to jump on my knees to play "Flying Superman." Zachary and Emilie also seem to want to climb all over me. It is not often that my children see me on the floor (unless I am trying to get to some discarded food item under the kitchen table).

Writing this post has seemed to intensify my back pain. To describe the pain, all that comes to mind is that someone jabbed me in the shoulder blade with a screw driver. And then left it there.

So.....I will stop writing now.

p.s. I also have a cold (as do my three children and husband)......feel sorry for me.....please!


Cindy said...

I feel sorry for you, my little HM, I feel your pain not only cause you're my baby but also cause I experience back pain on most days. When you have back pain your life seems to revolve around it. I am praying for your speedy recovery. It makes me sad when you hurt. I love you.

Kristen said...

Back pain is the worst, isn't it? I hope that you figure out what is wrong soon and can be on the mend quickly :)

Teri said...

I do feel sorry for you. I hate back pain. I'm laughing at the problem with physical therapists - totally true! They make up for it if they give you a massage (which mine does!) - but I guess if yours is a friend that's doing it for free you can't insist on this. Kevin and I laugh because the massage therapist at our physical therapist's office is named "Coral". Doesn't that sound like a massage therapist? You gotta get a Coral, Heather!

stacy said...

I sympathize because I actually live with the physical therapist...imagine being pregnant and having back pain. The usual response was...have you been doing your exercise? Have you been icing...i have decided to quit mentioning pain, because I usually do not feel like doing either. Let me know if you want me to watch the kids and go least then they ice for you, and nno children jumping on you.

Allie said...

Oh I feel sorry for you sis! Maybe you could have your physical therapist write up a perscription for a week long vacation to a spa, no children allowed of course. Do you think Matt would go for that?

Carol H. said...

Heather, I also sympathize with you. I do have one of those balls to lie on to stretch out your muscles. It does help me so I will bring it with me when I come. Most days I have back pain--I take an aspirin and go on with my day until I get home to relax w/heat or my ball! See you tomorrow for some relief!