Saturday, January 3, 2009

Money Matters

Every January, my hubby and I sit down and write out a budget. It all looks so nice and neat on paper! Matt sets up Excel spread sheets and tries (unsuccessfully) to explain how to transfer information from our bank account onto these forms so that we can track our spending.

There are two main problems here:

1. Neither of us has the time or energy to keep up with this on a day to day basis. We get so behind that it takes hours to catch up.

2. I honestly don't understand how to work the program. I have told you all before: I am computer illiterate!

So basically, by the time we enter all the data, the month has ended. We see were all of our money went but we were not tracking it all along.

I am an organized person. I like to have order in my life. This is one area of my life that is messy and confusing. And it drives me crazy!

I think I may have found a solution..... I read about it in a magazine and decided to try it out this morning. It only took about 5 minutes to set up my account. It is free. And it tracks our spending and puts it in easy to read graphs! It does all sorts of other neat stuff too (like reminded me that I need to make a payment on my credit card in 7 days).

When I am excited about something....I just have to share. Try it out and let me know what you think.

NOTE: Once again, I am endorsing a product yet not getting paid for it! Maybe, they'll track me down and thank me later.

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Laura said...

So glad you showed me how it're going to become a money mastermind, whatever that means.