Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Calling All Moms!

If you are a mom to little ones, I have something for you to read. If you have ever felt down or discouraged or depressed about your role as a mother (and all that one little title entails): READ THIS!

One of my favorite blogs to read is called "Preschoolers and Peace." It is written by a mom of 8 children so she is full of wisdom and experience. She is also real.

I found so much encouragement and hope in her post yesterday (and also in all of the comments that followed it).

Do yourself a favor, take a few minutes to read it.

Sometimes when I am feeling overwhelmed by the task of mothering, I just want a friend to commiserate with me. This is NOT that kind of post. This is for those of us who are looking for real HELP and ANSWERS.

I hope it touches you, like it did me.

It is entitled, "Can We Really Discover Joy in the Journey?"


Teri said...

She did have some good (even great) tips to keep joy in mothering. I liked the explanation of the "get to" stuff as opposed to the "have to". A balance in that area for me would be nice.

Jennifer said...

I would be glad to donate a 3-month membership to! You can either send me the name & email address of your winner, or I could send you a gift certificate to fill out and present to the winner. Either way, just let me know. Thanks for supporting!