Monday, September 29, 2008


Matt and I went to see the movie Fireproof on Saturday night. We went for three reasons: to get out of the house, the tickets were free, and to support a movie made by Christians. I did not really have any expectations of seeing a great movie. But was a really good movie! I was a little nervous as we watched the first scene play out. It seemed like a "Lifetime Movie for Women." Once we got through that first cheesy part, there was really a lot to enjoy. I liked that the married couple was dealing with everyday issues: division of labor around the house, busyness, work stress, feeling under appreciated and disrespected.....all those things that all of us who are married experience at one time or another. I also liked that the solutions to these issues were not easy to come by. I thought it was interesting that the movie explored both work environments of the husband and the wife.
There were some parts during the movie that seemed a little odd or stiff but those parts were easy to let go of because the story of the movie is so good! It's funny that I say that I want to support a "Christian" movie yet that is just the reason that the movie doesn't live up to all my 'great movie expectations.' It just shows me that I am so used to being sucked into whatever is put out there that when something different is presented it does feel really weird!
It was a nice feeling to walk away from a movie feeling really affected by a good way! Not in a way that creeps me out so much that I have a hard time sleeping (like some others I have seen). I liked that I actually learned a thing or two (or forty :-) ) about making a great marriage. And what woman wouldn't enjoy watching a husband woo his wife back? (I was trying not to elbow Matt too much...."See honey, why don't you try that?")
Anyway, I was excited when I got on Fandango at to check out how the movie did this weekend and I saw so many great reviews! As of today, Fireproof is #4 at the box office but it is #1 on the list of "Top 10 Fan Rated Movies." On I read, "Playing on 839 screens Fireproof was the #3 movie in the nation on Friday. Movies 4-8 on the list were on between 2,300-3,000 screens. Each."
Yay for good movies!


Teri said...

That's so good to hear. Kevin showed me a preview of it, I think, on the internet and we were intrigued.

Cindy said...

Thanks Little H.M. for the review,so I guess it's a 2 thumbs up? We'll probably see it soon but not this weekend, we have some babies to rock, like , um, about 6 of them to be exact. Oh and by the way , they're the cutest and best babies in all the world!