Thursday, August 28, 2008

One More

Well, I guess I have forgotten to mention my third child. (You know he will be bringing this up in future therapy sessions.) Luke Matthew Hall will be 2 in November. He is the naughtiest, funniest, craziest most fun boy around! I seriously cannot turn my back for one second (not to mention, go to the bathroom!) or he is into something--or should I say on top of something! For months now, he has been climbing onto the kitchen table where he stands proudly until I discover him. Just this week he figured out how to climb to the top of his changing table....I caught him trying to straddle his crib with one foot still on the changing table. If he does make it into his crib at least he will be stuck for a while--he has not figured out how to climb out yet....wait a second...when I came into his room to get him up from his non-existent nap today, he had one leg flung over the side of his crib. So, I guess this weekend I should expect him to do a face plant on the floor at some point. I am not looking forward to moving him into a bed! That crib is my sanity! I know that even if he is not sleeping in it, he is in it--and that is good enough
for me!
Zachary thought Luke would enjoy
playing in a very large mud puddle that
he created in the backyard. Mommy was
not pleased!


Teri said...

He's a cutie - especially covered in mud! When I figured out you had three, I wondered if I'd missed a photo - glad you included him! :)

Kristal aka:The Ringmaster said...

Oh Heather! You gave me 2 heart attacks. One with the title on my blog...I thought you were announcing you were pregnant! And then with that mud photo of Luke...did you hear the thud when I passed out??? Thank god that was you and not can handle that MUCH better than I!

Matt said...

Heather, I really enjoy reading about our children and your relationships with them. I love you.

listplanit said...

I'm sure he DID enjoy playing in that mud puddle! Sounds like you have an active little boy - is there any other kind, I guess?

So glad to see that you are enjoying!


Laura said...

Heather, I have to say I am so proud of you for letting Luke have fun in the mud! Every child should get to experience life like that!

Laura said...

That comment from Matt is soooooo sweet!

Karen said...

haha! how cute!
hey Heather...I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. I love hearing about moms and their kids through writing.
hope to see you around...
God bless.


Cindy said...

Lukie is a dolly baby and I love him sooooooooooooooooo very much!!!