Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Emmy's Turn

I don't want my middle child to have "middle child syndrome" when she someday discovers that I have devoted multiple blog entries to her brother--with pictures, to boot! So,'s your turn! Emilie started her second year of preschool one week before Zachary started kindergarten. Their personalities could not be more different. Emilie told me that I could stay in the car and she could walk to class by herself. (I can't say I wasn't tempted! But how would that have looked to the other moms?) Of course, I think my only daughter is adorable but I have to make a disclaimer: she takes the goofiest pictures!

first day of preschool
at Zachary's school
She honestly thinks she is some sort of model--I don't know where she got the idea that she needs to cock her neck so far to one side that her ear is touching her shoulder... anyway, she's my girl!


Kristal aka:The Ringmaster said...

oh Heather, she's just like Brooklynn! All the way down to the goofy pictures, did you see her
1st day pic? Oh but how we love them!


Teri said...

Heather! How fun to find your blog, too! Your kids are so sweet and so good-lookin'!!! I feel like this is a reunion - I'm so glad you're blogging.

Laura said...

She is adorable!!!