Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Day Jitters

Tomorrow is my oldest son's first day of kindergarten. Where have the last five years gone? It seems like yesterday that I was walking him around the house in circles in the Baby Bjorn until he screamed himself exhausted. Those difficult months passed quickly and we were on to the fun stuff! He was so happy when his baby sister came home from the hospital 19 months later and so excited again when his baby brother came to join our family 22 months after that. He is our first born. He is their big brother. It must be a little scary to be the oldest...the first to try each new experience.

We had the best morning together on Friday. While his sister was at preschool and his brother took a nap, we played "Go Fish" and wrestled on my bed. Then I made the mistake of getting sentimental. I said, "Bub, this is our last day together." He hid his face under the covers. As tears streamed down his face, I think he understood that a big change was coming. He has never been one for change. He has my personality (frightening, I know!). He would be happy to stay home and play with mom. I know he will love kindergarten once it becomes his routine....but getting to that point might take a little time.

I do feel a little sad that we are beginning a new chapter in our lives. My baby is growing up! Waaahhhhh! I know that it will be good for both of us to meet new people, make new friends and learn new things....but change is always hard. So, tomorrow I will smile while I take about 100 pictures. My tears will wait until he is safely
inside K-2.


Cindy said...

This is your mom.I started to read about Zachary's first day aloud to Daddy. I made it to about the 4th sentence before I lost it . I told Daddy he would have to finish reading it quietly while I choked back the tears. I'm crying for my girl and my most precious lovebug, my firstborn grandson, He WAS just a baby and what a beautiful boy he's becoming. My handsome, handsome, lovebug ! Happy first day of school Zachary!

Laura said...

oh I love your blog, you did an awesome job and now I'm jealous, you need to teach me more.
Love u, Laura

Carol Hall said...

This is the other grandmother. I too could not make it to the end of the reading without crying. I could just see Zachary on the bed hiding his face--what a wonderfully sensitive little guy. As for Miss Emilie, her school will be taken by storm by her!
She always seems to be in control (unless she is sick or tired)!Heather I am so proud of you for creating this--I love it!