Monday, August 25, 2008

The BIG Day

Zachary was up early this morning and excited for his first day of kindergarten. I was up early too....2:28 am to be exact. Emilie wet the bed and since I was not sleeping well anyway (see: First Day Jitters), I decided to start a load of laundry. Anyway, the morning went well----it really helped that Matt was around to help get the kids ready. We took lots of pictures in front of our house (I kept wondering which of our neighbors were staring out their windows) and then even more pictures once we arrived at school.

Zachary's teacher came out of the classroom with a big smile and instructed all of the students to line up against the outside wall of the classroom. She asked parents to say their good-byes. All was well.....until Mrs. Teacher decides to pass out name tags----while all the parents are still standing there and the kids are starting to get a little antsy! Why, oh why, didn't she just take them in the classroom right away?!

While the students were waiting for the teacher to find their correct name tags, they started searching for their parents, walking away from their line and some even began to cry---Zachary being one of them. So, as the kids finally began to file in the classroom, Zachary decides to stand firm and grip my arm outside the classroom. Because the teacher was dealing with another crier, I kind of had to push him in and run! Oh, it was terrible! Matt looked like he was having an even harder time than I was....which made me even more sad!

As I drove Emilie to preschool 30 minutes later, I searched the streets for a wandering, crying, brown-eyed cutie but thankfully I did not see one!

In one hour I will go pick my first born up from his first day of kindergarten and I am counting the minutes....64 to be exact.


Laura said...

I loved hearing about Zach's day.....cute pictures. I love the one of him in the crowd of kids!

Cindy said...

me and Daddy just started our day with reading about our lovebug's first day. Our handsome boy in his knee high socks, really, it doesn't get any cuter. Love , Nana (aka) Mom