Sunday, August 1, 2010

Project Life

(Zachary and Emilie playing "Hospital." Emilie was pushing her "patient" to the exam room.)

I'm sure that I am infringing on some copyright laws but I just love this idea called, Project Life. I don't really know much about it. But the part that really captured my attention was to take a "Picture of the Day" EVERY DAY. My sister pointed me to this blog post and I was immediately intrigued.

Blogging has completely taken a back seat to the rest of my life. I loved blogging for all those months. Getting my feelings and experiences out for everyone to see made me feel connected to my family and friends and even a few strangers. I felt affirmed and validated. I loved that I would be able to look back one day and truly remember what my life was like.

I am not exactly sure why I stopped writing. I love writing. It just began to feel like a chore. Why would I want to sit down and relive my child's temper tantrum at the grocery store? I would rather zone out in front of the TV. For a while life seemed to not be funny or seemed to be tiresome and draining.

And who wants to read about those things? No thank you.

So I have decided to try something new. I think the original idea came from here but since I'm not going to buy this kit and I don't want to download the digital version either, I am just going to do my own version of Project Life. I am a Scrapbooking Failure and I have absolutely no idea how to use any of the features on my amazing camera so this is going to be boring and unattractive to anyone looking for something beautiful. If you are looking for some great photography as well as scrapbooking ideas, you're not going to find it here!

So the plan is to upload the POTD (Picture of the Day) either each day or once a week...I'm not sure yet. I just really want to have something to look back on (since we very rarely develop any pictures).

This will also be a test for my perfectionist-self. Will I really want to record, let alone DISPLAY our everyday (messy) life to all of you?

Here we go!


Cindy M said...

What a great plan! I l love the patient and the Dr. in the pic ,how adorable!!!! Your updated blog is also very adorable! You are so creative and smart, very proud of my girl!

onetallmama said...

Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your messy house :) Glad I am not the only one. Haha.