Monday, August 16, 2010


It's 11:30 at night. This is late for me. My friends make fun of me because I like to go to bed before 10. Anyway, I locked all of the doors, turned off all of the lights and just checked on my kids.....the things I do every night.

After covering each of them up, turning off their lamps, kissing their cheeks, whispering soothing words and smelling their hair, I realized something.....

The later I stay awake, the more I love my kids.

Can this be true? This is a crazy thought. I mean, of course I always love them and I already love them all the way. But two things have given me perspective:

*I have just spent 3 hours alone. (I guess not truly "alone" but completely uninterrupted.)
*Sleeping children (especially when they are your own sleeping children) are absolutely the most precious sight.

Man, I love those kids!

I almost want to wake them up and tell them how much I adore them!

But I am going to put myself to bed right now before I do something I will regret!


Allie said...

Sleeping kids are the best!!! If only they had an on and off button. We could turn them on when we wanted to play and back off and back to sleep when we got tired :)

Cindy M said...

Awwww, as Luke would say, I love your blog and everything you write. You really know how to put things in words, like describing sleeping children and a Mother's love when you see them asleep. You're the best Mom!!!!! Oh and the best daughter in all of the world,You and Allie of course!

Laura said...

oh what a sweet post, keep them coming!