Monday, November 30, 2009

A Quarter to Eight

7:45am is never a good time at our house. If we were crazy enough to televise our lives, my number one rule (I learned from Kate Gosslin that you can have rules.) would be that the cameras would have to be turned off from 7:45 to 8 0'clock in the morning.....every morning. This is the time of day that I am trying to get myself and three kids out of the house and into the car. I know, two simple steps......sounds so easy.

Today was especially bad and I will get back to it.....but generally, it is just a crazy time. This is what needs to happen during that time: last minute potty trips, jackets on, backpacks in car, lunches in car, kids in car, buckle up three year old, break up a few fights, unbuckle three year old to take off jacket, unlock four year old's seat belt, wait for 6 year old to run back in to go potty......I could go on.

A typical day in the Hall house starts at about 6am. Matt is usually up and getting ready for work by then and I try to get ready before all three kids join us in the bathroom at about 6:45. (From 6:45-7:45 things are relatively calm. We do all the normal stuff: breakfast, get dressed, wash faces, brush teeth, fix hair, make beds, etc.) It is not until 7:45 that everything begins to unravel.

Back to today: Today started at 3 o'clock in the morning. Emilie came into my room and said she was scared. I put her back to bed with a few comforting words. A minute later, I hear her crying. I go in to her room and turn on her lamp. Just as I get back into bed, she is crying again. I go back and am feeling quite annoyed when she tells me that she thinks she might throw up. After hanging out with her in the bathroom for a few minutes with no result, I put her in bed with me and tell Matt to go sleep in her bed. Just as I get set up with a large bowl and a box of baby wipes....the barf fest begins.....and continues every 30 minutes for the next four hours.

I slept in a little this morning and I was just getting out of bed as Luke and Zachary were waking up. This was not good.

Trying to get Luke and Zachary ready for school this morning was tough. I was tired and cranky and trying to comfort Emilie while simultaneously keeping the contents of her stomach contained.

I considered keeping Zachary and Luke home from school for a brief moment. I couldn't figure out how I was going to get everyone from the house to the car to school with my sanity in tact. But then I thought about poor Emilie being harassed all morning by her brothers and I figured it would be worth it to have a few hours without them. If only I could get them to where they needed to be.

7:45 rolls around and this is how it goes: I am helping Luke get dressed while reprimanding Zachary for his rude behavior towards his poor sick sister. I hear Emilie start crying from somewhere in the house. I know this means that she is about to throw up. I try to hurry Luke's legs into the appropriate openings in his pants and I'm yelling, "EMILIE, GO TO THE BATHROOM. THROW UP IN THE TOILET!" I see her run past me and pass the bathroom. Where the heck is she going? I run after her and see her heading towards her 'bowl' on the couch. She doesn't make it. Throw up on the carpet. "WHY DIDN'T YOU GO TO THE BATHROOM?" She wanted her 'bowl.' Wonderful.

As I begin to clean the carpet, I tell Emilie to go get in the shower and Zachary to start gathering supplies to make his lunch. This typically would be a day to buy hot lunch but since the menu said, 'Supervisor's Choice,' I understood why Zachary didn't want to chance it. I hear "Uh-oh!" And go into the kitchen to find the Strawberry Syrup spilled on the kitchen floor. A juice box was more of what I had in mind for lunch but since I had put Zachary in charge, Strawberry Milk was on the menu.

According to the clock, this is the point that we should all be heading to the car......except for there is throw up in the living room, syrup on the kitchen floor, lunch is not made and Emilie is in the shower.

I clean up the messes on the floors as quickly as I can, warm up the car, tell Zachary to get in, buckle Luke in and then go get Emilie. I wrap her dripping wet self up with my bathrobe and buckle her in the car. And we drive Zachary to school. He is 7 minutes late.


Cindy M said...

Oh my gosh!! What a disasterous morning. Thank goodness you're such a patient and loving mommy.I hope Emmy's feeling better and Zach gets strawberry milk tomorrow. You can buy it pre-made, you know. And I know you'll be blessed in a very special way cause you're the best mommy a kid could ever have!!!!!!

Oh, Cripe! said...

Oh my word - loved this! I check in on you from time to time and I'm so glad I did today. :) My littles are still small so I appreciated a glimpse of what is to come, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing your morning with us! :)

Teri said...

Yikes. I'm tense just reading this. I sure hope today is better. Bless you for surviving that.

Allie said...

Wow! Only 7 minutes late, very impressive! We are 7 minutes late on a good day :) You really are Super Mom!

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt and Heather, Merry Christmas.

We received your Christmas card yesterday (which is how I ended up here); good-looking family you got.

Can you send me your e-mail address to

That's my "spam" e-mail; I'll respond to your e-mail with my "real" account.

I lost a lot of my contact info when I switched jobs this summer (I'm also in the construction industry now, as a controller, and we actually do some work with Granite).