Friday, May 29, 2009

The Things I Can Accomplish (when someone else cleans my house)

Because someone else cleaned my house one day last week.....I was able to clean out our "Coat Closet."

In the winter there really are coats that hang on the right side of the closet. In the spring and summer, the coats get moved to their respective homes (ie. Emilie's coat lives in Emilie's closet). In the cold and rainy months (when we are reaching for coats, sweatshirts and umbrellas repeatedly) it seems silly to continually put them away in four different bedrooms.

Anyway, this is one of two closets in our home that is not in a bedroom. The other closet is called the "Linen Closet." But it actually stores our toiletries, first aid, medicine, and cleaning well as our linens. These two closets must store everything that does not belong (or will not fit) in a bedroom closet. Stuff is constantly getting shoved in them.....especially when people are coming over! So, I try to clean them out a few times a year.

The picture above is what our "Coat Closet" looks like after I have taken an hour to organize it. It should probably be called the "Game Closet" or the "Gift Wrap Supply Closet" or the "Kids' Stuff That Makes a Big Mess Closet."

But I digress.

I have been wanting to clean out this closet for at least 6 months. I never wanted to begin that project when there were other more pressing things to do. By "more pressing," I mean the things that can be seen when I open my front door. There is always the kitchen to clean or the living room to tidy up.

But when someone else cleans your house, number one: you are not too tired to take on a project and number two: your entire house is clean all at once so you are able to focus on a potentially messy and time consuming project.

This closet may not look like much to you but for the last two days (whenever I need a pick-me-up), I open the door and peek inside.

It is something that I have cleaned and organized that will stay that way for at least a few weeks....unlike every other area in my house.

I wish I had taken a "Before" picture so you could see the difference but I did not think of that until I sat down to write this post.

Oh! A little bonus to cleaning out this closet is that I found my son's 200 page Kindergarten Homework Book that is due on Monday. It had been missing for a week. He would have been devestated to miss out on the "prize" for completing his book.

He has two days to complete 40 pages.....oops, maybe I should have avoided that closet for another few weeks. I have a feeling it is going to be a loooong weekend!


Laura said...

Nice job, it looks good, maybe you can come over and clean out some of my closets....they need it BAD!

Cindy said...

You really are my daughter!!!!!1 The things that make us happy!