Monday, December 1, 2008


Teri tagged me so I am now faced with the task of listing 6 things that make me really happy. I have NEVER done one of these "erase my answers and fill in yours and pass it on" emails. Mostly because I hate how they always end with the line, "Pass this on and something good will happen to you today" or "If you are really my friend, fill this out, send it back to me and we will be BFF's." No thank you.

Another reason I don't do these "questionnaires" is because I am computer illiterate. I don't know how to cut, paste, and delete. I usually get stuck after the "cutting" part.

One more reason I avoid these like the plague is that there are usually about 504 questions to fill out. And who the heck has time for that?

But because Teri and I have a picture of ourselves with our shirts up and our bare prego bellies sticking out - I do feel some obligation to her. I DO NOT want that picture getting out!

Another reason to make my list is because there is only ONE question.....although, there are 6 here it goes:

6 Things That Make Me Really Happy
1. Hanging out with my girlfriends at the gym, Starbucks, out to dinner.....where ever.
2. Going on dates with Matt.....especially when we laugh a lot.
3. A clean house.....not just "picked up" but DEEP CLEANED.
4. Being the coordinator for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) at my church.
5. Pretty things: grassy hills, blue skies, fluffy white clouds.....
6. Laughing with my kids......there is just something about sharing a joke with someone who grew inside of you!

Tag, You're It!
1. Mom
2. Allie
3. Brandy
4. Matt
5. Kristal
6. Carol

These are the only people I know who read this blog and therefore will see this and know that they are tagged!

Please don't feel any obligation to "keep this going" (I hate being made to feel guilty about "breaking the chain"). Just do it if you want to! The one exception here is my husband. One reason being: because I want to see if he is really reading this and two, because I am curious to see what his answers will be.

I would like to take a moment to apologize to all of you who did not "receive a recipe" or a "dish towel" or "a book" or some "new underwear" because I "broke the chain". I hope you can forgive me.....I just hate these things!

Tag, You're It!


Teri said...

Yeah, the one time I actually filled out one of the chain things, I eagerly anticipated all my cool new dish towels and they never came. It was probably some punishment for breaking all the other previous chains! Oh, well.

I'm so thrilled you responded! And, have no fear - I never want that photo getting out, either!!!

Kristal said...

OOOOOHHHHH, I have that picture...can I use it for blackmail? Ha Ha just kidding.....don't forget i'm in that picture to!

cyndie said...

i never pass those emails on because i don't have 10 friends to send it to! :)

Allie said...

1. Smelling my babies, particularly the youngest of my babies, I love digging my nose into that spot between his chin and his chest, I believe most people have a neck in that location but for my Drew it is a spot full of cheeks and chub and drool and it just smells absolutely delicious!
2. Caleb and Bella laughing together, although they are usually in the other room doing something naughty, hearing their giggles is enough to make me wait just a few minutes before checking in because that sound is just too precious to interrupt.
3. Hanging out with my husband in the quiet of the evening after all three kids are asleep in bed, being with him, watching TV, chatting, enjoying peace again
4. Girls Night Outs, catching up with my girlfriends without the little ones around, a time to socialize, support each other and remember who we are again.
5. My family, the family I grew up in and the family I have now, I am so blessed!
6. Shopping, I know it sounds a bit superficial, but the thrill of buying something new especially if it was a good deal, oooh now that makes this girl happy!
Okay, so this was a bit long, but you tagged me and this is the first and only tag I have ever replied to, now that's love sis.

Cindy said...

2.knowing that my children are happy
3.Zachary,Emilie,Caleb,Luke,Bella, and Baba Drew.
5.hanging out with my girlfriends
6.having a clean and organized house
7. bonus answer,reading my Heather girl's blog in the morning with my coffee

andrea said...

its amazing how blackmail can get you to do something, huh? thanks for sharing. i enjoyed reading about the six things that make you happy. laughing with the kids is a good one. it is unreal to think at one time they really did live inside our bodies...well...mine in mine, and your in know what I mean, right???????

Carol said...

1. Time w/husband doing something or going somewhere out of the ordinary
2. Singing songs and/or reading to my grandchildren
3. Teaching 4-6th girls SS and having them "get it."
4. Enjoying time with my parents, sisters,and their families when I get a chance.
5. Learning "new" truths and seeing where they will take me.
6. Knowing today that I am pretty healthy.